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Perhaps I'll leave this place. I've far horizons to explore. The world is wider than my feeble vision, and echoes can not see. I feel a calling to depart from the commonplace and usual. My perception has been dulled by repetition. And so I'll leave, take up my hopes, and travel far, to that waiting destination until existence again bores me. Then I'll leave once more.

Through dark and light i fight to be

So close

Shadows and lies mask you from me

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Am I supposed to feel something,
Was I supposed to let you win,
Why do these things keep happening,
To me.

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We’ll keep together

Oh we’ll make it better

1 year ago79 plays

Drag me down to the water

And hold me down until I’m full

Until I struggle no longer

Until I’ve drowned in my sinful will

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Starfucker - Leave It All Behind.mp3

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The mysteries of love are not for us

It’s the little things that are tearing us up

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How can it be

That there’s hundreds and hundreds

Of me and you

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I was the first born child

Of the hurricane

There’s a hole in the sky

A hole in my head

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